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Finish Line E-Shift Groupset Cleaner Spray 16oz Aero

Finish Line

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E-Shift™ Groupset Cleaner is another industry first from Finish Line: a degreaser designed specifically for use with electronic groupsets. This brand new aerosol degreaser is completely safe for rubber, plastic, motors, and servos meaning it won’t destroy your expensive parts over time. Electronic shifting is the next evolution in bicycle drivetrains and presents unique challenges with regards to maintenance. Due to sensitive components, electronics, and wires, safely cleaning and degreasing components is more important than ever. As a result of its' unique formulation, E-Shift™ Groupset Cleaner can quickly and safely remove grit, grime, and moisture from any electronic groupset. With E-Shift™ there is no need to worry about damaging wires or derailleurs. In addition, its' state of the art formulation dries extremely fast in about 15 seconds without leaving a residue behind, which means there is no need for water rinsing. Parts are left completely clean and dry in a matter of minutes. You can use this product with confidence that it will protect your groupset investment, prevent premature wear, and keep it running at peak performance.

• Aerosol spray can
• Contains no CFC's
• Can also spray upside down
• Designed specifically for use with electronic groupsets
• Quickly and safely cleans sensitive components, electronics, and wires
• Cleans the grit, grime, and old lubricant from any electronic groupset
• State of the art formulation quickly evaporates with no water rinsing
• Parts are left completely clean and completely dry in minutes
• Prevents premature wear, and keeps components running at peak performance
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