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Cateye Orb Light Set Polished Black


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Cateye Front and Rear Orb LED Bicycle Lightset SL-LD160-F Polished Black

QC Testing

To underline their quality and reliability, Cateye products undergo the most stringent QC tests in the industry, many of which exceed the requirements of CE. Also used in the Japanese auto industry, Cateye’s testing equates to a return rate of less than 0.9% across the brand.

Opticube Lens Technology

Cateye maximise the best beam pattern from any LED, utilising superior lens and reflector technology to emit a higher quality light and beam pattern in front of the rider, even with lower Lumen amounts.

Long Press To Turn On & Off

A feature appreciated by consumers to prevent accidentally switching on lights and loosing battery power. This feature also ensures that a light is not accidentally turned off during a ride.

Integral Heat Dissipation

Superior heat dissipation maximises the lumen power of the light for consistency of lumen output.

Never Cycles Through The Off Mode

Cateye were the first to introduce this feature, to avoid the rider being accidentally left in complete darkness while changing beam modes.

Front Light Features

  • Double-click to high (headlights 400 Lm and above) to achieve maximum brightness instantly without cycling through modes.
  • Double-click to flashing (headlights up to 200 Lm) to quickly cycle between constant and flashing modes, ideal for commuting use.

Rear Light Features

  • True 180 degree visibility.
  • Battery auto-save, automatically changing to flashing mode to allow more time to finish the ride as opposed to being left in the dark.


  • Durable aluminium construction with anodised finish.
  • Lens acts as power / mode button.
  • 70% brighter than former Loop 2 battery lights.
  • Low profile, low weight – only 20g.
  • Versatile rubber strap mount.
  • Strong sideways visibility.
  • 2 x 2032 batteries included.
  • Front (output,runtime): Constant 10 Lms/50 hrs, Rapid flashing 100hrs, Slow flashing 100hrs.
  • Rear (output,runtime): Constant 5 Lms/50 hrs, Rapid flashing 100hrs, Slow flashing 100hrs.

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