Your booking is not confirmed until it is paid for and we cannot offer refunds if cancelled within 48 hours of your booking. We will however do our best to re-arrange your cycle hire booking with you.

By paying for your booking you accept these terms and conditions.

Mountain biking can be - by definition - a hazardous activity. We advise you not to attempt to ride beyond your limits or fitness level. Similarly riding on roads can also be hazardous.

You will be provided with - and must wear - a helmet. You might think you'll look an idiot but you'll look more of an idiot with a big dent in your forehead if you have an accident.

Our bikes are thoroughly maintained and inspected with the users safety paramount.

3 Peaks Cycles accepts no responsibility for any accidents howsoever caused.

You will be offered a puncture repair kit to take with you on your ride. 3 Peaks Cycles does not offer any kind of recovery service for flat tyres. They usually happen under circumstances beyond our control. That said - punctures are rare.

We do not offer half day hire at weekends or bank holidays.