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Danny Macaskill - At The Edge

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'I edged forward, scoping out the summit for loose rock. The ridge was only three feet wide but I felt pretty stable.

I checked my balance and peered at the sheer drop below. I could feel the confidence surging through me. I was in control.

Besides, I knew that I could always bin my wheels off the cliff face if the worst came to the worst...'

Danny MacAskill lives on the edge. The cyclist is legendary for his YouTube viral videos like The Ridge, Cascadia and Imaginate: nerve-jangling blurs of stunts and speed over towering buildings and mountain peaks. His life is one of thrills, bloody spills and millions of online hits.

It hasn't been an easy ride. Fear, stress and the 'what if?' factor circle every trailblazing trick, which require imagination, daredevil techniques and movie-making smarts. He has spent his life pushing the extremes; somehow, he's still around to tell the tale.

In this unflinching memoir of mayhem, Danny shares his anarchic childhood on the Isle of Skye and early days as a street trials rider, takes us behind the scenes of his training and videos, and reveals what it takes to go the next level - both mentally and physically.

Join Danny for a nerve-shredding ride. Just be sure to bring a crash helmet.


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